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Ultimate dining experience like no other
Raajsik is a celebration of Indian culture, flavours & hospitality. Immerse yourself in a sensory spice experience & awaken your taste buds with our modern Indian menu, showcasing the very best of India’s exotic flavours.

We believe that the best form of hospitality is that found in the home, and it is our aim to bring that welcoming, relaxed environment to our guests at Raajsik. Our food is inspired by traditional Indian dishes, served with a modern twist, and we pride ourselves on using the freshest, most seasonal produce.


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Our chefs know a thing or two about Indian cooking, having honed their skills at some of the best establishments in New Delhi. We will be offering the famed dishes of five regions of India, giving them our twist, to create unique flavours that can only be achieved using sophisticated cooking techniques.

By bringing together the wonders of Indian food and the delights of great craft Liquor we hope to create a new and thought-provoking food experience.


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